Welcome tomovmt, a curated video portal of movement and recovery videos from across the web.

How does it work?

You may feel great about the way your body looks and you may not.

Either way, totally fine, but let's try to shift our focus more towards how we feel moving, or even being still, in our bodies.

We were only given one body and one mind.

While we can't replace them (not easily at least), we can always seek to nourish them.

movmt is here to help, all for free, now and forever.

If you have something in mind for types of movement that you enjoy, or areas of your body that may need focus, you can easily find helpful videos that way.

Or let our intentionally-designed (not "likes" driven) machine learning algorithm guide you through the ever-growing pool of movement videos.

The goal is to present concepts and movements you can incorporate into your own practice, not to go viral.

Check out the Discover section and, for each video, simply click thumbs up or thumbs down to teach the algorithm what types of videos are right for YOU.
The more videos you watch and rate, the more you will teach the algorithm what's right for you.
But most importantly, the more you will MOVE!

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